Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sparky's Diner

It was great to meet all of you! Thanks again to everyone that could make it, and to all of those that will be there next time, PICK A PLACE!!! Anywhere that there is to draw, hit me up. I suggest "The Grove." It is a spot over in the Marina that has the coolest atmosphere; very inspirational. I'm open to any ideas.

I witnessed some great artwork and enjoyed tossing my sketchbook around. I can't wait to see those drawings I missed and look forward to being reminded of the ones I remember. Please post up our work as soon as you get a chance. So there is no lag, try to go with 72 dpi at around 750 tall. Here are some drunken sketches that made it to my sketchbook at Sparky's:


  1. It was really fun drawing with all of you. I'm down to make this a regular thing, but can we choose another day other than Tuesday? Just a thought.

  2. Hey I had a good time meeting up with you guys. I'd love to do it again - David