Saturday, March 28, 2009

33 Revolutions in El Cerrito

Just a note to all the sketchers out there. I'll be @ 33 Revolutions on Central Ave. and San Pablo Ave. in El Cerrito tonight and tomorrow. I got to get some comic strips done so I'll be chillin' with my headphones on and my supplies out. If you want to come down all the directions and goodies are on their site: . I'll be there most of the day tomorrow, too and will post my sketches and page progress on the site when I get home.


  1. What time will you get there tomorrow? I've got a lot of Large drawings to do for the book, and plan to take full advantage of a large table!

  2. I'll be there from about 10am til 5pmish. My friend's band is playing a show tomorrow night. I just remembered, so I'll be heading into the city for that.